Dina Melnychuk

Dina Melnychuk

Specialties: Vinyasa

Having studied ballet and traditional folk dance as a child Dina was introduced to yoga in her early twenties after a friend recommended it to her as an alternative. Immediately falling in love with the graceful postures mixed with the intensity and physicality of the classes, Dina began practicing yoga on a regular basis.
Dina believes that yoga not only brings strength to your body but also mental clarity from connecting to your inner stillness. Through this a subtle shift in thinking occurs, becoming more familiar with thoughts, leading to the skill of pausing and choosing what thoughts you want to engage with – learning to respond rather than react to life.

Dina’s classes are made up of pranayama (breath work), meditation and dynamic vinyasa flow sequences. In a vinyasa flow class a series of poses are linked together with the breath in an almost dance like way, creating heat and improving strength and flexibility. Each class is guaranteed to physically challenge students, helping them to safely reach their potential in their practice and to get to know their bodies and mind on a new level.

Dina is 200 RYT certified by Bindu Yoga in Palo Alto, CA where she studied under Jillian Glikbarg. Currently, she is working on her 300 RYT with Jillian.


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